Is ‘language as the key to integration’ a myth?

By Hasrey Saygi In many publications in the field of migration, language is seen as the touchstone of integration. Learning the host country’s language is argued to help develop a sense of belonging and reconstruct ways of life and identities (Esser, 2006). The European Council report on the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM, 2014) […]

Refugees’ desire for ordinariness

By Hasret Saygi In 2016, I spent one and a half year doing fieldwork in a neighbourhood of the Turkish city Kırşehir. There, I investigated everyday interaction between refugees and local residents. One of the topics that emerged from the field was what I call a desire for ordinariness. In this blogpost, I will discuss […]

Finishing the PhD – now what!?

By Cathrine Talleraas Reflections from a soon-to-be finished PhD student, and 15 others’ responses to the question: what will you do when you’ve finished your PhD?  During the three years I’ve worked on my thesis I’ve met and got to know dozens of PhD students in the broader field of migration studies. While we’ve all shared […]