Self-reflecting on ‘categorical fetishism’ as a migration PhD researcher

By Diego Castillo  Let me start this post by considering the experiences and trajectories of Afghan children depicted in country reports prepared by Newsdeeply in ‘The Vulnerability Contest’ (2018), and by Save the Children in ‘From Europe to Afghanistan – Experiences of Child returnees’ (2018). In those reports, many of the young Afghan people were […]

Travelling unhindered: A zoom-in of issues likely to impede the free movement of Africans in Africa

Something on a more informative note this month! Read all about the FMP protocol on the African continent in this blog. By Francis Dusabe Recently, the government of Ethiopia announced that effective from 2019, all nationals from African countries intending to visit Ethiopia, would be acquiring visa upon arrival. This strategic stride complements the yet […]

Exclusionary power of ‘acting normal’

By Maria Rast Great sociologists such as Foucault, Bourdieu or Bauman claim that nowadays, power cannot be possessed, controlled and used to achieve certain outcomes. According to them, power works in more invisible, subtle and often unconscious ways. It resides in dominant images, taken for granted assumptions and prevalent discourses. Daily exposure to such prevailing […]