3 lessons on Academic Blogging

By Yvonne Siemann Francesco Martino is a web communications manager at EUI. At this year’s Neuchâtel Graduate Conference on Migration Studies and Mobility of the NCCR Research Center in Neuchâtel/Switzerland, he gave a workshop with the topic “Communicating your research”. During the workshop he presented several tools for academic blogging, but did also give some […]

Migration and Diversity in Rotterdam – What to do & see at the 14th IMISCOE Conference

By Cathrine Talleraas and Ilona van Breugel This week, Rotterdam will host the 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference. This year’s theme is ‘Migration, Diversity and Cities’, focusing on the ‘urban reality’ of migration and diversity, so-called superdiverse cities and the increasing role of cities in policymaking in this area. While there are tremendous variety between cities, […]

What is behind the decision to come to the Czech Republic for study? The case of Russian speaking students from Russia and Kazakhstan

By Liudmila Kopecka Studying abroad has become a worldwide trend, with more and more people migrating to obtain a foreign diploma. Education is one of the major drivers of migration, and the global competition on the labour market and internationalisation of higher education has led to a rise in the number of international student migrants […]

The Open / Closed Border Dilemma: Tertium Datur? The Case of Border Controls (Legal and Moral)

By Giulia Raimondo The movement of people has accompanied the growth of mankind, until in our days becoming an increasingly complex phenomenon. However, the perception about migration has always been clouded by various gut feelings and misconceptions that are often the result of prejudices and, more generally, the fear of the other. At the time […]